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The Hosts


Calvin Keener

Calvin Keener's first experience with Star Wars was in utero when his mom went to see The Phantom Menace just days before he was born. He is a graduate student in Boston.


Andi Livingston

Andi Livingston is an expert on all things Star Wars. Just kidding! Andi hasn't seen a second of Star Wars, and yet they still feel they're qualified enough to talk about it on a podcast. With a degree in acting, a great sense of humor, and a love for all things nerd-related, Andi is sure to be your new favorite podcaster!


Barmore - Pooley

Wyatt Barmore-Pooley has been a Star Wars fan since 2006 when his aunt put it on DVD and he was hooked instantly. Fast-forward to now and he’s still watching The Clone Wars in 2023. He is a journalist in Milwaukee

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